In 2008, Chris, Jon, and I were asked to teach interview and interrogation for our department.
No training, no resources, just go out and teach this topic. If you are an instructor in law
enforcement, you’ve probably been forced into the same situation. Maybe someone hands you
an old power point or training curriculum, but most likely not. You are on your own.

So 2008 was the beginning of The CTK Group’s odyssey, and it began where it should…in the
library. Countless hours were spent researching legal decisions and interview and interrogation
techniques. We reviewed it all. The PEACE Method, The Reid Technique, The Participatory
Method, The Cognitive Interview, Investigative Interviewing, and the W-Z Method. We
contacted experts such as Ed Geiselman, Andy Griffiths, Becky Milne, Christian Meissner and
built a library with almost every research article published.

It didn’t take long to figure out that Interview and Interrogation training in the United States is
broken. Traditional big box companies have failed American police officers by teaching them
techniques that are not evidence-based. Officers across the U.S. continue to use techniques
that are not supported by the research. Our training aims to change that. How? Take a look at
our Resources Page. This page is the foundation from which we teach. Every American police
officer should live and breathe the research found on this page. If you want to change the
culture of interview and interrogation inside your department, start reading. Then, come train
with us as we build an evidence-based approach!