The Cognitive Interview – Effective and Efficient

Cognitive Interview Book

With an ever-increasing caseload, a nearly empty squad room, and an overburdened legal system, an investigator’s time is a valuable commodity. The CTK Group understands that and works tirelessly to provide the most up-to-date, relevant, and evidenced-based interview and interrogation training possible.

In the last fifteen years, the CTK Group has trained thousands of police officers with the goal of changing today’s interview and interrogation culture. Our training focuses on getting the little things right, understanding custodial and non-custodial situations, and creating an environment that fosters voluntariness and truth-filled responses from those we are talking to.

Any law enforcement professional who has attended our Evidenced Based or Advanced Interview and Interrogation class know that we strongly endorse the Cognitive Interview Method that was developed by Ronald Fisher and Edward Geiselman.   This empirically tested and highly effective information-collecting technique results in more detail, volume, and a greater chance of getting to the truth.

The Cognitive Interview (CI) is one of the most, if not the most, effective ways to interview victims, witnesses, and suspects. With victims and witnesses, the CI will give law enforcement more detail and accuracy in the recall. With suspects, the CI encourages detailed responses, counters evasiveness, and helps identify deception.

We agree that the Cognitive Interview will take longer than a traditional interview, but the result will be more closed cases, solved crimes, and dramatic time savings. Come train with us today and begin the journey to become an elite interviewer.